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is an online store offering authentic handmade Russian art, gifts, jewelry made in Russian, toys for children and the whole family, board games, souvenirs, house-ware and more. We do our best to sell only quality, made in Russia items. 

We have a large physical store in Toronto and ship to Canada and U.S. 

Proudly serve our customers since 1953!

Clothing and accessories

Vest 06349-07 women
Cardigan S1159-20
Socks unisex

CAD $17.00

Camel wool knee pads
Knee pads will help with sprains of muscles, ligaments, relief of pain in the elbows, knees, and will also become an excellent means for the prevention of other joint diseases. The products relieve spasmodic pain and speed up recovery processes.

CAD $22.00

Camel wool knitted belt
100% wool knit belt. Size one (universal) fits 44, 46, 48.50 size. The width of the belt is 40-42 cm. Excellent for insulating the waist, camel wool is often used in the treatment of neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatic pain. In Mongolia, camel wool is used in the treatment of fractures.

CAD $75.00

Hat 28224-64

CAD $55.00

Camel wool socks
Camel wool socks
Scarf 9113

CAD $49.00

Hat 18201-19

CAD $55.00

Hat 28236-44

CAD $55.00

Hat 28221-74

CAD $55.00

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