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We have a large physical store in Toronto and proudly ship to Canada and U.S. 

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Nabor "Simfoniia"
Kollektsiia serebro s Imperatorskim farforom. Chashka chainaia «Simfoniia» -2sht; Lozhka chainaia «Podarochnaia »- 2sht; Sakharnitsa «Simfoniia»; ob'em: 150 ml

CAD $1,699.00

Stopka 40050033A06
Emkost' (ml.): 25

CAD $269.00

Charka 40070062A06
Emkost' (ml.): 40

CAD $259.00

Charka 40070020A06
Emkost' (ml.): 45

CAD $325.00

Chashka 40080010A06
Emkost' (ml.): 85

CAD $565.00

Riumka 40250007A06
Emkost' (ml.): 30

CAD $349.00

Sakharnitsa "Astra"
Emkost' (ml.): 400

CAD $2,455.00

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