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Board games

The Snow Queen
An interesting game based on the fairy tale "The Snow Queen." The game consists of a playing field and additional cards with tasks.

CAD $9.00

Game The Erudite Balda
Fascinating family game "Erudite. Balda "is a wonderful option for spending leisure time in the company of friends and loved ones. The goal of the game is to form crossword-related words that are composed on the game board using alphabetical chips that have different values ​ ​ in glasses. Each player strives to score the most points, creating combinations and locations in which they use the chips with the most value and cover the premium boxes. The game set includes: chips, each with an image of a letter from which words are added, and numbers in the lower right corner of the chip, based on them we count the number of points scored at the end of the game; playing field, chip bag and detailed instructions in Russian. "Erudite. Balda "will expand vocabulary, train thinking, attention, logic and cleverness.

CAD $35.00

Quiz  Numbers
The quiz "Primes" is devoted to the science of mathematics. With her, the child will learn to solve logical and graphic problems, guess mathematical puzzles. He will practice memory, develop abstract and spatial thinking. Using the quiz, the child: - learns a lot of new and interesting things about mathematics; - get acquainted with the concept of numbers and numbers; - will broaden your horizons.

CAD $27.00

Coloring book
The useful and compact game "Artist" will bring diversity to any trip. In the set, you will find cards with various tasks for relish, attention, visual memory and the development of hand motor skills, as well as a marker with a styler for reusable use.   Composition: • Job and answer book (15 x 15 cm) • water-based marker   Intended for children from 5 years old.   How to play? The kit includes a book with 20 tasks, each of which occupies one page, and answers at the end, as well as a water-based marker with a styler that will allow you to write and erase many times. Tasks vary in complexity, so you can choose any of them, moving from simple to more complex. At the same time, your child can perform tasks again and again to get a better result. What can ordinary paint spots become? How to use a few strokes from a square to make a house, and from a sad face - fun? Can I turn my shoe into a giraffe? What patterns to design letters and numbers? These and other fascinating tasks have to be solved by a small artist, and during the game he will learn to draw animals, faces, symbols and geometric figures.

CAD $11.00

Puzzle Orange cow 104 pcs
Puzzle characteristics: - 104 pieces (3 x 2,3 cm); - the size of the full image 23 x 33 cm; For children from 5 years old.

CAD $7.00

Checkers (soft field)
The cet includes: textile playing field 8x8 (293 x 293 mm), checkers 24 pcs(diameter 27mm)

CAD $7.00

Set of magnetic Board s
Three simple magnetic games: Dominoes, Magic caps, Braveheart The set includes the game: - two-sided magnetic playing field - 1 pc (for the game "Braveheart" on one side, "Magic Caps" on the other) - magnetic chips for playing dominoes -

CAD $10.00

Puzzle "Pinocchio and Malvina" Maxi (16 pcs)
The size of the picture is 21.5x30 cm Number of elements - 16 pcs. Cardboard thickness - 1.25 mm

CAD $7.00

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