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Board games

Magnetic stories Transport
The magnetic game “Transport” from the “Magnetic Stories” series will introduce your child to various types of land, water and air transport, and will also contribute to the development of imagination and attentiveness. With the help of the magnetic game “Transport”, the child will practice fine motor skills, develop attention, imagination and learn about the main types of transport.

CAD $20.00

50 board games
Board game "Pirate ship"
The board game with dice and chips from Hatber brings a truly exciting adventure! The game is filled with a vivid plot and dynamics. Here you will find exciting turns of events, unexpected obstacles and traps. Neither children nor even adults will be bored! The walking game includes a large playing field designed for two or more players, one cube and four chips. By throwing the dice you move forward in the game. This is a kind of test of your luck: you never know whether you will get a lucky number, whether you will be able to move one more step towards victory and overtake your rivals. Playing field size: 50x70 cm. The products meet quality standards and were awarded the 'Best for Children' Quality Mark from 'Rostest-Moscow'. Packing: cardboard box with shrink film. By trusting Hatber, you buy the best products for children!

CAD $8.00

Board game "Bingo" (card chips)
Play Bingo with your children. This game, similar to Russian lotto, is popular in Europe and the USA. Choose one of two game options. Cover your game card or fold the piece. Game composition: • cardboard chips - 120 pcs. (diameter – 1.5 cm) • cardboard cards - 28 pcs. (9.5 x 11.8 cm) • bag - 1 pc. (12 x 18 cm)

CAD $10.00

Arithmetic cubes 12 pcs
A set of educational cubes of 12 pieces “Arithmetic: Addition and Subtraction” Author of the game Olesya Emelyanova To make it easier for a child to learn new knowledge for him, an adult should seek from him not automatic memorization, but reasonable understanding. If your child has already memorized numbers and learned ordinal counting up to 10, and it’s time to solve examples of addition and subtraction, then instead of cramming tables by heart, use this educational game, which, with your help, will explain to your child the meaning of arithmetic operations and teach them to find independently right answers. The cubes are made using new technology from impact-resistant polystyrene; the drawings and numbers are printed using direct printing, so they will retain their original appearance for a long time and delight kids. Smart cubes are designed for activities with children from 3 to 7 years old. Author's support (Detailed description, instructions, photos and all questions related to this game). A set of educational cubes and all games

CAD $9.00

Reading by syllable
Magnet game Reading by syllables is a developmental guide designed for children who are already familiar with letters, but do not know how to combine them into syllables and words. The set contains 80 cards with syllables. The cards are made of soft foam plastic, 2 mm thick, which makes them comfortable for children's hands. On the reverse side they are completely magnetic, so they will stick securely to any metal surface (for example, a refrigerator or a magnetic board). The game introduces you to the syllables of the Russian language, teaches you to read syllables, form words, find missing syllables, develops observation and attention, enriches your vocabulary and can become an excellent teaching aid for both parents and educators.

CAD $16.00

Nastol'naia igra v slova SKREMBL (62 karty)
Prostaia i uvlekatel'naia igra, v kotoroi ispol'zuiutsia dizainerskie karty s izobrazheniem bukv russkogo alfavita (smotrite videoinstruktsiiu).Ne trebuet mnogo mesta, poetomu nezamenima v doroge i na otdykhe. A mladshemu pokoleniiu igra pribavit gramotno

CAD $25.00

Semeinaia kulinarnaia igra OBED GOTOV! (62 karty)
Kladut li orekhi v borshch? Bez chego ne prigotovit' plov? Byvaet li desert s lukom? Obsudit' eti i drugie kulinarnye voprosy vy smozhete vo vremia novoi uvlekatel'noi igry OBED GOTOV! Ona pomozhet vam ne tol'ko veselo provesti vremia v krugu sem'i, no i

CAD $25.00

Board game "Chinese checkers"
The Chinese Checkers board game is an interesting logic game for 2.3, or 6 players. Composition of the game - playing field - 60 chips 6 different colors. How to play it: - Each player receives a set of chips of the same color. - Each player has 1 move: move the chip to the next empty cell or jump over someone else's chip and go to the free cell behind it. Moreover, you can repeat the jump if there is another foreign chip on the way and a free cell behind it. In one move, you can perform only one action: move or jump. Goal of the game: first to move all your chips to the opposite corner of the playing field.

CAD $37.00

Travel s. Tactics tournaments
Spend time on the road fighting in Battleship or Tic-tac-toe, beat your opponent in projecting dots and segments, enjoy few more games

CAD $15.00

Puzzle "Pinocchio and Malvina" Maxi (16 pcs)
The size of the picture is 21.5x30 cm Number of elements - 16 pcs. Cardboard thickness - 1.25 mm

CAD $7.00

Maxi puzzles.Two geese 42 pcs
Picture size: 21.5x30 cm Number of elements: 42 pcs Cardboard thickness: 1.25 mm

CAD $7.00

Domino Zhu-Zhu
This domino introduces children to insects The set includes: chips - 28 pcs Age: from 3 years old Number of players: 2-4 people

CAD $13.00

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