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is an online store offering authentic handmade Russian art, gifts, jewelry made in Russian, toys for children and the whole family, board games, souvenirs, house-ware and more. We do our best to sell only quality, made in Russia items. 

We have a large physical store in Toronto and ship to Canada and U.S. 

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Board games

Board game "Who is first - choose the word"
This is a board game that can be played together or with a whole group. The fastest and most savvy will win! Divide the cards into 2 decks - with signs and letters, and place them face down in the center of the table. The player reveals the first card wit

CAD $16.00

Board game "Word for word. Party"
Game “Word for word. Party" is suitable for a large noisy company, for lovers of word games, and for family gatherings! Take a card, choose a word, roll two dice and explain the word without saying both letters that appear. No one will be bored for sure,

CAD $35.00

Board game Lapland Wikipedia Men
Classic linguistic game. Using the available letters, lay out different words on the table. The one who scores the most points wins.

CAD $26.00

Treasure hunting
50 board games
Lotto "Play  and Read"
Wooden chips with letters – 252 pcs. (2.5 x 2.5 cm). Double-sided cardboard cards with words – 6 pcs. (18 x 24.5 cm). Bag for chips (18 x 30 cm). The game is intended for children from 4 years old.

CAD $29.00

Board game "Bingo" (card chips)
Play Bingo with your children. This game, similar to Russian lotto, is popular in Europe and the USA. Choose one of two game options. Cover your game card or fold the piece. Game composition: • cardboard chips - 120 pcs. (diameter – 1.5 cm) • cardboard cards - 28 pcs. (9.5 x 11.8 cm) • bag - 1 pc. (12 x 18 cm)

CAD $10.00

Nastol'naia igra v slova SKREMBL (62 karty)
Prostaia i uvlekatel'naia igra, v kotoroi ispol'zuiutsia dizainerskie karty s izobrazheniem bukv russkogo alfavita (smotrite videoinstruktsiiu).Ne trebuet mnogo mesta, poetomu nezamenima v doroge i na otdykhe. A mladshemu pokoleniiu igra pribavit gramotno

CAD $25.00

Semeinaia kulinarnaia igra OBED GOTOV! (62 karty)
Kladut li orekhi v borshch? Bez chego ne prigotovit' plov? Byvaet li desert s lukom? Obsudit' eti i drugie kulinarnye voprosy vy smozhete vo vremia novoi uvlekatel'noi igry OBED GOTOV! Ona pomozhet vam ne tol'ko veselo provesti vremia v krugu sem'i, no i

CAD $25.00

Triple domino
Travel s. Tactics tournaments
Spend time on the road fighting in Battleship or Tic-tac-toe, beat your opponent in projecting dots and segments, enjoy few more games

CAD $15.00

My blanket
It's dusk and the adorable dwarves are going to bed. Who among the dwarves is the most cunning and talented, will get ahead of the rivals and pull the blanket over themselves? The set includes: - A five-piece prefabricated playing field (heavy

CAD $35.00

Mafia card  with masks
The set includes: a spare deck of cards, 2 decks of cards (14 pcs), sleeping masks (14 pcs), game rules

CAD $39.00

Set of magnetic Board sSmart travel s
This is a travel version of the popular company games. The set includes: 1. Chess 2. Checkers 3. Scrabble

CAD $33.00

Puzzle "Pinocchio and Malvina" Maxi (16 pcs)
The size of the picture is 21.5x30 cm Number of elements - 16 pcs. Cardboard thickness - 1.25 mm

CAD $7.00

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