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Doll Liza

CAD $59.00

Doll Alla
Playing "Mother Daughters" is an important and integral part of every girl's childhood. By playing, little ladies develop fantasy, imagination, communicative abilities and caring skills for loved ones. Doll Alla "Modnitsa" from the Russian toy manufacturer "Spring" is dressed in shiny leggings of the color "metallic" and in an elegant blouse with a cute print. The pupa has a hard body, movable handles and legs. The eyes open in the standing position and close in the lying position. The height of the toy is 35 cm. The product is made of plastic with elements of textile materials. Recommended age: 3 years +

CAD $59.00

Doll Mila
Mila will be a great friend for your child. Her modern princess look with long, wavy hair and smart clothes will appeal to your children. Mila has beautiful eyes, fluffy eyelashes and long soft hair that can be curled, combed and placed in different hairstyles, changing the image of the doll. The set of clothes includes: plain sweatshirt, openwork skirt made of silk and mesh. On the legs of shoes. Costume elements that can be easily removed and put on will immerse your child in the world of story and role-playing games, during which fine motor skills and creative imagination of the child develop. The height of the doll is 38.5 cm. The doll is not voiced

CAD $59.00

Toy Nushenka. Cartoon "Malyshariki"
The soft toy of Nyushenka voiced is the favorite character of children from the animated series "Malyshariki"! Children will remember familiar subjects for games and come up with new ones. The toy is nice to hug, because it is so soft and cozy. Nyushenka loves to study so much, play school with him, together you will learn so much interesting. Open a cosy toy cafe and treat them to the most delicious dishes. Fantasize! The child will not have to miss his beloved cartoon hero, because now he will always be with him. Nyushenka will be glad to meet her friends. Collect the entire collection of soft toys from the animated series "Kids"! During the game, the child will develop memory and imagination, and he will also learn to take care of his toy friend. The Nyushenka toy is made of hypoallergenic materials that are pleasant to the touch.

CAD $23.00

Masha-sailor. Cartoon "Masha and the Bear"
Musical soft toy Masha the sailor is the favorite character of children from the animated series "Masha and the Bear"! Press the button on your tummy and hear: - a few phrases from the cartoon - song from the cartoon Masha is dressed in a white and blue dress. With this toy, children will be able to recreate already familiar stories from the cartoon and come up with completely new ones. The child will not have to miss the beloved heroine of the animated series, because now she will always be with him! Masha will be happy to meet her friends. Collect the entire collection of soft toys from the animated series "Masha and the Bear"! The toy is convenient to visit, walk and travel. The game with the voiced toy Masha develops: - imagination and fantasy - sound and tactile perception - social and communication skills The toy is made of hypoallergenic materials. Toy size: 29cm. Material: plastic + metal + textile. Equipped with 3 batteries of type LR44. Recommended for children from 3 years old.

CAD $35.00

IQ Puzzle MAXI 60 pcs
How to celebrate the growth of a child is fun, interesting, and most importantly - with benefit? Very simple! Rostomers of the IQ-puzzle series are a real find for parents who care about the development of their baby! The colorful packaging hides 60 large parts made of thick cardboard. Bright pictures of circus animals will attract the attention of the child, and he will begin to play with interest.

CAD $15.00

Doll Liza
Doll Lisa from the series «My Favorite Doll» may become your kid's true friend. Its outfit includes a dress with a belt and shoes. The actual colors of hair, eyes and clothes may vary. Easily removable elements of clothing vary the possibilities of role-plays. Fine motor skills and creative thinking of kids are developed during this process.

CAD $69.00

Doll Ella

CAD $42.00

Tumbler toy

CAD $45.00


CAD $5.00


CAD $20.00

Tumbler Toy "Panda"
Tumbler toy is a traditional toy for babies that have learned how to sit. It is siutable for selfeducation: babies do not need assistance of adults. They touch the toy and it starts swinging.

CAD $25.00

Hedgehog. Cartoon "Malyshariki" without a chip
Hedgehog (a sweet character from cartoon series Malyshariki) invites your kid to play. Kids love toy characters from their favorite cartoons because they are already familiar with them and it is much easier to come up with the subjects for their games. This is why your kid will be happy to get such a cute and soft toy. This educational toy develops fantasy, imagination, fine motor skills, social and communicative skills, relaxes; teaches care, love and responsibility. Size: 15 cm. Material: plastic and textiles. Age: from 3 years and up.

CAD $29.00

Genka. Cartoon "The Barboskins"
Soft toy Genka is charming character from a popular cartoon Ā«The BarboskinsĀ». It has an audio device, and the toy sings a song and pronounses 5 phrases in Russian upon pressing its belly. Genka is dressed in a bright costume with a scarf. The toy is made of fabrics with short fill and it is pleasant to the touch. It is a pleasure to hug it. Kids will be able to act out familar scenes from the cartoon and come up with the new ones. They will not miss any of the cartoon characters, because they will always be with them. 3 battaries LR44 are included.

CAD $29.00

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