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is an online store offering authentic handmade Russian art, gifts, jewelry made in Russian, toys for children and the whole family, board games, souvenirs, house-ware and more. We do our best to sell only quality, made in Russia items. 

We have a large physical store in Toronto and proudly ship to Canada and U.S. 

Proudly serve our customers since 1953!

Gifts for him

Refueling Kit
Nabor "Dlia dozapravki", fliazhka 180 ml, domino

CAD $18.00

Best Fisherman Set
Nabor "Luchshii rybak" kruzhka 300 ml , fliaga 1 oz

CAD $16.00

Winner Set
Nabor "Pobeditel'", fliazhka 240 ml, brelok

CAD $13.00

The set "Fishing is a state of the soul"
Nabor "Rybalka - eto sostoianie dushi", fliazhka 240 ml, stopki 3 sht 2619108

CAD $40.00

Luck Set
Nabor "Udacha", fliazhka 180 ml, shakhmaty 3815368

CAD $35.00

Gift set "Russia"
Podarochnyi nabor "Rossiia", fliazhka 210 ml, karty, kosti igral'nye 4 sht

CAD $14.00

Gift set "USSR"
Podarochnyi nabor "SSSR" 2 v 1: fliazhka 210 ml, ruchka, korichnevyi, 14kh18 sm 1866592

CAD $23.00

Capercaillie flask
Fliaga izgotovlena iz nerzhaveiushchei stali, poetomu ne boitsia udarov. Material ochen' legkii — izdelie udobno brat' s soboi v pokhod ili na piknik. Emkost' dopolnena chekhlom iz ekokozhi, kotoryi pri zhelanii mozhno sniat'. Izdelie ne vpityvaet zapakh

CAD $48.00

Flask "Best in Everything"
Ishchete khoroshii podarok dlia blizkogo cheloveka, kotoryi ne budet pokryvat'sia pyl'iu v shkafu? Khotite, chtoby prezent prinosil pol'zu i esteticheskoe udovol'stvie svoemu budushchemu vladel'tsu? Iziashchnaia i stil'naia Fliazhka "Luchshii rybak", 240

CAD $12.00

Flask "Hare Hunt"
Flask "Coat of Arms of Russia"
Fliazhka 540 ml "Gerb Rossii" s 3 riumkami,na remne, chernaia, 13kh3.5kh18.5 sm 3537802

CAD $32.00

Flask "Real Man"
Fliazhka iz beresty 180 ml. "Nastoiashchii muzhik" 3275201

CAD $8.00

Decorative panel Makarov with USSR medals
Makarov pistol is a legendary weapon commemorated in books and films. Automatic 9-milimiter pistol was developed in 1948 by Nicolai Makarov. Due to the simplicity of the mechanism and its reliability its production was continuing for over 50 years. Over 2 million pieces were produced only in the USSR. Makarov pistol has been personal weapon in the military forces and power structures since 1951.

CAD $475.00

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