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Russian stone

Souvenirs made of natural stone are a great way to please loved ones, colleagues! On our website are presented products from Ural stones - serpentine, amber and selenite

Selenite - this Stone is named after Selena, the Greek goddess of the moon. The color of selenite is from white to brightly yellow, honey-pearl, golden selenite - the most valuable of selenites. From selenite comes an overflowing internal glow, not without reason this stone is often called a "moonstone." 

The serpent or, as it was previously called, the "pharmacy stone" is a very strong energizer, creates an aura of peace of mind, balance for the owner and gives a sense of security. The stone received the name thanks to the characteristic snake drawing. Translated from Latin, "serpence" means a snake, and serpentinite is the second name of the stone.

Amber is a fossilized resin that stores the energy of the earth and absorbs the power of the sun. That is why magical and healing properties have long been attributed to this gem, thanks to which the stone helped with pain, had a calming and at the same time powerful energy effect, and protected the owner's  from the eye. Currently, amber is no less popular, because its properties have been proven for years, and unique beauty attracts views and gives confidence to the owner of unique amber souvenirs

Cat in the cup
Dogs playing Chess
Large Tiger

CAD $69.00

Eagle on the nest
Rooster Gentleman with a cane
On the eve of the general holidays, many are puzzled by the search and choice of inexpensive but entertaining presents. One of the best options for this is a small bronze figurine on amber. Funny plots fit perfectly into various interiors, delight the eye and give positive emotions. Moreover, it is best to buy such souvenirs of the statuette in bulk - so that pleasant surprises are enough for all relatives, friends, work colleagues. The solid bronze Rooster Gentleman will create an appropriate atmosphere, become a real star of the holiday. Despite its degree and solid appearance, the bird evokes a sincere smile and affection. An elegant tailcoat, maple trousers, a cane and a confident pose create a holistic harmonious image that you want to consider for a long time, find new interesting details.

CAD $39.00

Rooster Alarm Clock
The rooster is a universally recognized symbol of everything new: a new day, a new life. This is not surprising, because the bird tends to wake up with the first rays of the sun and notify everyone of this with its ringing singing. In addition, since ancient times, roosters have been credited with the importance of a mascot that protects housing from any adversity and misfortune. Our brass and amber alarm rooster can also be an effective charm for your home.

CAD $25.00

Piglet happiness
Don Quixote
A small figure cast from bronze perfectly conveys the main character features of a famous character. He will certainly attract attention and take a decent place in the interior of a residential or any other room. This famous "windmill fighter" may be a gift for them. A small figure cast from bronze perfectly conveys the main character features of a famous character. He will certainly attract attention and take a decent place in the interior of a residential or any other room.

CAD $49.00

Money bag with a bell
The money bag will be an excellent money talisman that will bring wealth.

CAD $39.00

Sheepdog is a symbol of devotion and friendship. Having such a powerful talisman on an amber stand, harmony and mutual understanding will reign in the house.

CAD $33.00

A lovely bronze figurine on a stand made of amber is one of the many options for showing attention to an elderly person. The plot, created by the master, allows you to take a different look at the inevitable process of human aging, helps you adapt to the changes that are taking place, and come to terms with the fact that the years are irrevocably gone.

CAD $99.00

Ballroom Dancers
Dance is a unique form of art that, through beautiful body movements, allows you to express thoughts, feelings, emotions. In dance, you can combine love and passion, pressure and humility, the tireless struggle of two opposites. Only completely dissolving in the dance, a person forgets about problems, feels freedom, lightness, weightlessness. The bronze figurine on amber "Ballroom dancing" has a powerful energy that fills the entire space, giving harmony and vitality.

CAD $59.00

Hunting fox
This bronze figurine depicting a hunting fox is an ideal gift for a specialist in finance or a person involved in trade. Judge for yourself: the fox determines the approach of prey by scent, as if a businessman feels the success of the upcoming deal. Noticing a potential victim, the predator silently sneaks up on her and attacks suddenly. Isn't this one of the unconditional laws of running a successful business? Put a figurine of a graceful fluffy animal on your desktop, and it will help to attract good luck.

CAD $38.00

Wolf with an Accordion and Sunflower
Strength, ingenuity, endurance and courage are the main features that characterize the wolf. It is for this that he is feared and respected by all the other inhabitants of the forest. The wolf fervently plays and sings folk ditties. However, in the image of this wolf, the simplicity and breadth of the soul of a Russian person who loves to relax on a grand scale. Such a souvenir will be an excellent gift option for a cheerful and sociable person, who often takes on the role of the “soul of the company”.

CAD $29.00

Sensuality and romance, conveyed through simple smooth movements and light, unobtrusive melodies, are the main features of the beloved by many dance called "bachata". There is an opinion that it is possible to perform it beautifully only if there is absolute mutual understanding and harmony between partners. Do you want to delicately hint to your soulmate about your feelings? Present this magnificent bronze figurine on an amber stand.

CAD $39.00

The unicorn is one of the most popular characters in the fantasy genre, a fulfiller of any desires and just an incredibly beautiful creature. A slender and graceful horse with one horn is a mythological creature that personifies purity, high morality, and spiritual purity.

CAD $49.00

The swan is a symbol of rebirth, purity, chastity, proud loneliness, nobility, wisdom, prophetic abilities, poetry and courage, perfection. There are ideas about the ability of the soul to wander through the sky in the form of a swan.

CAD $57.00

Bear Master
The bear is a symbol of good nature and rage, heroic strength and clumsiness, tender maternal feelings and asceticism. A totem animal of many northern peoples, it serves as a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth.

CAD $119.00

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