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is an online store offering authentic handmade Russian art, gifts, jewelry made in Russian, toys for children and the whole family, board games, souvenirs, house-ware and more. We do our best to sell only quality, made in Russia items. 

We have a large physical store in Toronto and ship to Canada and U.S. 

Proudly serve our customers since 1953!

Russian stone

Souvenirs made of natural stone are a great way to please loved ones, colleagues! On our website are presented products from Ural stones - serpentine, amber and selenite

Selenite - this Stone is named after Selena, the Greek goddess of the moon. The color of selenite is from white to brightly yellow, honey-pearl, golden selenite - the most valuable of selenites. From selenite comes an overflowing internal glow, not without reason this stone is often called a "moonstone." 

The serpent or, as it was previously called, the "pharmacy stone" is a very strong energizer, creates an aura of peace of mind, balance for the owner and gives a sense of security. The stone received the name thanks to the characteristic snake drawing. Translated from Latin, "serpence" means a snake, and serpentinite is the second name of the stone.

Amber is a fossilized resin that stores the energy of the earth and absorbs the power of the sun. That is why magical and healing properties have long been attributed to this gem, thanks to which the stone helped with pain, had a calming and at the same time powerful energy effect, and protected the owner's  from the eye. Currently, amber is no less popular, because its properties have been proven for years, and unique beauty attracts views and gives confidence to the owner of unique amber souvenirs

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