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Russian Sauna

Hat "Cherish me"
Hat  "Queen"

CAD $19.00

Thermo-gigrom Bath station
The product is made of high-quality wood. For a long time it retains its shape, presentable appearance and does not undergo damage. Hygrometer thermometer is designed to measure humidity and temperature in bath, sauna, steam room. A convenient scale with an indication will tell you when staying in a bath or sauna will be as comfortable and useful as possible for you. This stylised wooden-bodied bath meter is a great gift to friends and acquaintances who have their own bath or sauna. It is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not contain mercury.  

CAD $99.00

Broom bamboo
Bamboo is a tropical plant with high ecology and strength. Bath brooms are made from young shoots. Benefits of bamboo : relieves back pain, strengthens capillaries and other blood vessels, accelerates metabolism, prevents skin diseases, prevents the development of varicose veins and cellulite.

CAD $9.00

Washcloth traditional
The ski washcloth is suitable for use not only in the shower, but also in the bath or sauna. Washcloth is an environmentally friendly product made from the inside of linden bark. This material releases biologically active, antimicrobial substances that favorably affect the skin and relieve inflammation. Such a washcloth delicately cleans the skin and at the same time effectively removes keratinized cells. Two handles allow you to comfortably massage your back or feet. Skin becomes smoother and fresher after using washcloth

CAD $7.00

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