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Cross 08375

  • Material: Silver 925, gold plated
  • Weight: 11.2
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Size: 20 mm
  • ISBN: 10005838

CAD $229.00

The front side of the cross depicts the Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Above the cross are written the words of the Canon to the holy and life-giving Cross of the Lord: “O life-giving Cross, be thou my fortress, and victory, and shield, and an invincible wall, driving away demons, and extinguishing thoughts, and preserving my mind.” In the center on the back is the image of Archangel Michael. The Archangel of the Heavenly Host wages an irreconcilable war against the forces of evil, guards the gates of heaven and protects the souls of people. On both sides of Archangel Michael there are images of Saints John Chrysostom and Basil the Great. Saint John is one of the three ecumenical hierarchs, compilers of the Divine Liturgy. He became famous for his sermons, for which he received the nickname Chrysostom. Holy Archbishop Basil the Great (329-378) - Ecumenical Teacher and one of the Fathers of the Church. The saint led a strict, ascetic lifestyle, possessed supernatural insight and the gift of working miracles. The famous theologian, fighter against heresies, is known as the author of one of the Liturgies of the Orthodox Church and many prayers. At the top is the image of the Mother of God “The Sign”, famous for many miracles in Novgorod in the 12th century. It is revered as one of the greatest shrines of the Russian land. The raised hands of the Mother of God in prayer mean intercession for people before God, prayer for peace.


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