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Papka dlia akvareli "Rybachka", A4, 20 listov Liliia Kholding, tsvet belyi

  • Seria: Bumaga dlia risovaniia
  • Publisher: Liliia Kholding
  • Pages: 40
  • Year: 2016
  • Size: 300x210 ΠΌΠΌ
  • ISBN: 4607112470514

CAD $11.00

Akvarel'nye kraski liubimy mnogimi khudozhnikami, oni daiut nepovtorimuiu legkost' risunku, blagodaria nechetkim konturam i razmytosti. Odnim iz vazhnykh kachestv bumagi dlia akvareli iavliaetsia ee sposobnost' sokhraniat' svoistva krasochnogo pigmenta v


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