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Play dough "Light "Classic", with a stack, 16 colors

CAD $13.00

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Play dough "Light "Classic" is designed for sculpting and modeling. Modeling from play dough contributes to the development of fine motor skills of hands and spatial thinking, in addition, it is a fascinating leisure. Play dough is made of high-quality components, thanks to which it does not stain hands, does not stick to fingers, holds its shape well, mixes easily, does not break, and gently stretches during warming. With the help of a stack inserted into the box, the child can decorate their products, which positively influences creative thinking. Stack length is 13 cm. The set includes 16 colors: yellow, white, beige, orange, pink, red, lilac, turquoise, purple, light green, light blue, blue, brown, red-brown, gray, black. Total weight of plasticine: 320 g.


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