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Baltic Amber

By Darya • 10/13/2021

Baltic Amber

Amber is a stone of creativity and inspiration, which is loved by creative writers and artists. Amber strengthens faith as well as optimism.Especially the amber figurines and figurines that they store in the workplace. It is very closely related to sports, physical health. It is preferable to wear it as close to the neck as possible, so the effect of the stone will be much stronger. That is why amber necklaces and beads are so highly valued among the female population. In our Russian Art store you can buy beautiful amber jewelry: amber earrings, amber bracelets, beads and pendants with amber, and of course, rings with an amber stone.

Amber becomes magical only when insects are visible in it. The most powerful is the one in which scorpions are found. This is a stone not only for energetic cleansing, but also for physical ones. There is a proven medical value: if amber is worn on the body for a long time, energy slags are removed through it, purification of not only the mental, but also the physical body is achieved.

According to the historian Pliny, a small amber figurine cost more than an “obedient and healthy slave,” and rich Romans always carried with them amber balls, which they rubbed with their hands, believing that amber strengthens their fortitude. In China and Japan, cherry-colored amber was insanely revered as “dragon's blood” and was worn by all members of the imperial family. The color and clarity of amber were the criteria for its value. Troika is the only store in Canada with real jewelry and products made from Russian amber. You can view and buy amber products here. 

Few people know, but more than 40 compounds have already been identified in amber, and it is from it that one of the key vitamins - D3, is obtained, that is, succinic acid, an antimicrobial agent, a substance that is often added to toothpaste and ointment for rheumatism is released! 

Amber requires very careful handling, like any jewelry stones and jewelry. It has been proven that stones do not like soap solutions, since they contain chemical components. Amber, like other organic stones, including mother-of-pearl, agate, pearls, as well as porous stones such as turquoise, are mortally afraid of even the weakest chemistry, therefore it is recommended to rinse them with exclusively clean water, wipe with a delicate, soft cloth, and also do not keep in the sun, etc. These simple tips will help you keep your amber product looking flawless.


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