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Famous Gzhel Ceramics

By Darya • 5/13/2021

Famous Gzhel Ceramics

The variegated blue and white ceramics known to the whole world are one of the distinctive features of Russian art. Back in 1802, in the village of Gzhel, the first ceramics were created, and a little later the masters switched from ceramics to porcelain, which in its elegance and composition could compete with English porcelain.

Today, Gzhel dishes are one of the most popular and easily recognizable all over the world. However, not only with blue and white patterns, but also in more colorful shades. Gzhel patterns have become so famous that now it is not only used for tableware, but also in clothing, accessories, interior items, and even became a brand of Russian vodka “Gzhelka”. That is why such tableware and home décor items are a great present to your loved ones!

In our Russian Art store, you can find a huge number of factory and handmade items in the Gzhel style. Our store is a distributor of tableware and interior decor in Canada and the USA. The uniqueness of such tableware lies in the fact that the master must manually mold a shape for the dishes, which cannot be used more than 5-6 times. This and the hand-painted patterns of Russian artists make such works exclusive and unique. Surprisingly, the initial appearance of any ceramic or porcelain item is pink. Only then the master will be able to see the defect and eliminate it, and only after that the artist can start painting. The final stage of the work is to send the product to the oven, after which the pink color turns to white, and the blue becomes clearer. This is how Gzhel pieces of art are made.

You can buy tableware or home decor with a Gzhel pattern online or at the Russian Art store in Toronto. It is such dishes that can truly emphasize the elegance of the kitchen and impress your guests with its beauty.


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