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Famous Russian Pavovo Posad Shawls

By Darya • 7/8/2021

Famous Russian Shawls

The history of traditional Pavovo Posad shawls is rooted in the distant past and closely intertwined with Russian culture. Previously, icon painters or woodcarvers were considered masters in this business, and instead of scarves, patterns were knocked out on stone slabs. After the successful application of the ornament, the pattern was transferred to the fabric by printing. Thanks to several stencils, it was possible to decorate the fabric with different patterns using carved boards. A separate board was cut for each color. The shawl was not stuffed in one go, but was initially divided into parts, from 4 to 24 pieces, in accordance with the size of the product. Sometimes craftsmen stuffed scarves even 400 times to get the desired color and fix it.

A little later, scarves began to be made by hand in factories. Nowadays factories use the mechanical printing method. The number of stencils for transferring equals to the number of colors. In our store you can buy Pavlovo Posad shawls, which were made according to the sketches of Russian artists!

Traditional Pavlovoposad shawls are decorated with symmetrical patterns. On a square field, a flower pattern is located around the perimeter, forming an all-pointed star in the center. The main element of Pavlovo Posad shawls is flower bouquets. Initially, bouquets of roses consisted of 3 flowers, over time the number of buds in a bouquet has increased. In folklore, it was believed that a triangular bouquet is the personification of the World Tree, which connected heaven and earth. That is why Pavoloposad shawls, besides being colorful and elegant, have deep philosophical significance. In our store you will find a huge variety of different patterns and shades, so you can definitely choose one that will emphasize your individuality.

Today the patterns on Pavlovo Posad shawls have a huge variety of elements, but the main idea - floral - has also remained the same. You can see all shawls and sizes here. You can buy Pavlovo Posad shawl online or in our store in Toronto.

Products made from natural materials: 100% cotton, silk and wool. Each scarf is marked with the names of the authors and the name of the design, as well as a confirmation of the use of certified and high quality materials. Our store is the only store in Canada to offer such a rich selection of traditional Pavlovo Posad shawls!


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