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Famous Russian Imperial porcelain

By Darya • 6/29/2021

Lomonosov porcelain

The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory ( also known as Saint Petersburg Imperial Porcelain Factory or Lomonosov Porcelain Factory) is a the most famous Russian porcelain trademark. For a long time, the factory produced wares almost exclusively for the ruling Romanov family and the Russian Imperial court, and for political and diplomatic gifts by them.

The history of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is 270 years old. It was founded back in 1744 during the reign of Elizabeth II. At that time, the Danish court entered into an agreement with a Russian factory, in which it promised to organize a porcelain manufactory in St. Petersburg. Dmitry Vinogradov was appointed responsible, it was he who became the progenitor of domestic porcelain. Our store is the first in Canada and the USA to have such a large selection of unique porcelain sets.

Initially, based on Russian fossils, a porcelain mass, glaze, paints for porcelain, and gold powder for decoration were developed. The very first items that met the criteria for whiteness and transparency were not invented until 1747. The first items produced in this factory were small: snuff boxes, buttons, brooches, tobacco pipes, and cups. In 1756 a kiln for firing was developed. In the same year, the first porcelain set "Her Majesty's Own" was released, which was presented as a gift to the Russian Empress Elizabeth. Since then, the trademark of the Imperial Porcelain Factory has been preserved - the blue eagle.

By the end of the 18th century, the Russian plant had become one of the leading in Europe. Some of the sets were designed for up to a thousand items and were intended for dinner parties in the highest circles. By the end of the 19th century, Russian porcelain was named one of the most demanded both in Russia and in Europe. And during the First World War, the plant became a manufacturer of chemical and electrical porcelain.

Russian artists work on product designs, which makes it possible to promote domestic production of porcelain abroad and creates a creative style of the plant - this helps to maintain a distinctive feature, constantly developing. Porcelain sets have become exclusive gifts in many countries of Europe, the USA and America. The expressive design, luxurious decoration and grace of porcelain have won the recognition of many nations around the world. Do not miss your chance to get some perfect tea sets at the best prices in Toronto!

Today the assortment of the plant includes about 4,000 items - from thick to thin porcelain, dinner sets, souvenirs, vases, sculptures, museum replicas and many more! Our store is proud to present you a large selection of porcelain products. You can buy them online or in person. Porcelain sets and figurines will be a great addition to your collection and will surprise your guests with grace and beauty.


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