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Russian Lacquer Box Palekh

By Darya • 6/7/2021

Palekh Russian Lacquer Boxes

Palekh (Paleh, Palehkh) is a famous around the World art, which includes painted icons and colorful lacquer box. Initially, Russian masters depicted only religious motives and scriptures from the Bible, however, after the creation of Soviet power, the influence of the church weakened, and at the same time, faith suffered. As a result of severe bans on the dissemination of religious themes in art, the authorities forced the masters to switch to the creation of secular motives - fairy tales, epics, and legends. This is how the well-known Palekh style and painted papier-mâché boxes were born.

Former icon painters got down to business responsibly: soon the craft began to gain popularity among Russian and European art connoisseurs. It is not surprising, because the plots are folk tales, pictures of village life and the rich Russian nature. All this attracted local and foreign aristocrats because such gizmos were made individually, by hand, had no analogues! In 1814, Johann Goethe showed particular interest in the works of Russian icon painters. The German poet even received two icons painted in Palekh as a gift!  In our store in Toronto you will be able to appreciate the beauty of decorative boxes and purchase jewelry boxes which history dates to the 18th century! 

A little later, more and more rich, and noble people began to support the artists, and Palekh art became widespread abroad. Russian writers more and more showed admiration for the Palekh painting, among them were Anton Chekhov, Nikolai Leskov, Nikolai Nekrasov, Maxim Gorky, and others.

The Palekh painting itself was unique, and the secrets of craftsmanship were passed down from generation to generation over the centuries. To keep the family secret, the children were married only to the same families where were masters of Palekh art. In 1924, Italy was so interested in this craft, so they asked to send a couple of masters to create art workshops and promote the art of Palekh painting in Italy. However, Russian artists preferred to leave the Palekh secret in their homeland. Nowadays, production and the secrets of craftsmanship are still known only to Russian artists, but today everyone can try themselves in this art. In our store you can buy jewelry lacquer boxes online at the best prices, and the choice will pleasantly surprise you: from small boxes with images of Russian fairy tales to large boxes with velvet compartments for jewelry with images of famous paintings of world art.

Since ancient times there was no such abundance of art materials, the paint was made based on egg yolk, and it was diluted with table vinegar. It was believed that this way the paint lasts longer, as well the colors remain saturated. The whole secret of such works lays in the artistic brushes of the masters: they were made by hand! Even today, Palekh masters adhere to this tradition and make their own brushes - hair to hair. It is these unique brushes that paint miniature masterpieces widely known to the world. You can see Palekh works in our store . Such jewelry boxes will be an excellent gift for any holiday to your loved ones or to yourself, because there is not a single similar lacquer box in Canada: each is handmade by Russian craftsmen!


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