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Khokhloma - traditional Russian craft

By Darya • 5/27/2021

Russian Crafts Khokhloma

Khokhloma (also Hohloma) or Khokhloma painting (Khokhlomskaya rospis) is the name of a Russian wood painting handicraft style and national ornament,  known for its curved and vivid mostly flower, berry and leaf patterns. 

Khokhloma first appeared in the 7th century in Nizhny Novgorod. Khokhloma - painting of wooden dishes with red, green, and black paints over gold. For the manufacture of such utensils, a block of wood is first prepared, then the craftsmen give the shape of a bowl, jug, plate, or other dishes. After creating it, the shape is dried, primed with clay, dried again, abundantly covered with linseed oil, and then rubbed in with aluminum powder to create a mirror-like shine. Upon completion of the painting, the product is covered with tin powder and sent to the oven, so that the products do not deteriorate from hot food, as well as the painting is preserved for a long time. You can buy kitchenware with Khokhloma painting by ordering online or buying it in our Russian Art store! Our store is the only one in Toronto where you can find so many items hand-painted by Russian craftsmen at affordable prices!

Traditional elements of painting are plant elements (twigs, blades of grass, leaves, flowers, strawberries, etc.), but more complex animal images are also possible. Khokhloma painting combines both simple and complex ornaments and patterns.

After the collapse of the USSR, Khokhloma painting became an almost forgotten art: at the time of the existence of the USSR, there were 2.5 thousand masters, and by 2017 only 650 of them were left. However, despite the reduction in the number of studios and artists, Khokhloma painting is still highly valued for its uniqueness and beauty. More importantly, the skills of Russian masters are passed on from generation to generation and are taught in art schools. Recently, blue, pink, black and white paints have been used over silver. Such patterns have become a modern continuation of the traditional Khokhloma painting. You can buy dishes with traditional and modern Khokhloma painting in Russian Art Store 

Nowadays, Khokhloma is used not only as a painting on the wood, but as a popular pattern in clothes, home decorations, even as a tattoo design! Items with such an exquisite gold-red painting will be a unique gift for loved ones or an excellent and practical addition to your home decoration!


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