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Enamelware Dinnerware

By Darya • 6/10/2021

Russian Enameled pots

Enameled dishes are one of the most popular dishes for modern housewives. Modern enameled dishes are firstly made of cast iron or black steel, then they are fully covered with 2-3 layers of glassy enamel. Thanks to this process, the enameled dishes are classified as high-tech products. Enameled kitchen utensils have won the hearts of many cooking-lovers not only for their beautybut also for their quality and practicality among the countries of Europe, Asia, America, and Canada.

Enameled dishes will serve you for more than one year: new technologies have made it possible to create shock-resistant glassy enamel, the surface of which does not scratch, does not crack at temperature extremes, and does not darken over time. Kitchenware from the “Vitross” company combines all the qualities of an ideal utensil: stylish, practical, durable. We are the first store in Toronto and whole Canada, who has a great selection of “Vitross” kitchenware for a sweet price! Make yourself a gift and order these beautiful dishes today 

Dishes with a glassy enamel coating are used for cooking soups, stews, vegetables, and are perfect for storing food in the refrigerator. Enameled dishes are considered the best for storing food, since the surface of the dishes is extremely smooth, does not have chips, and therefore there is no room for bacteria to develop! In our store you can also buy or order books with traditional recipes of Russian cuisine in English or Russian languages!

The new generation of glassy enamel is made in a modern way that it is compatible with both gas and induction stoves and an oven. Now you can bake your favorite foods in such a great dish! A huge plus of “Vitross” cookware is that the handles on pots and ladles do not heat up and you can safely grasp them with your hands while creating culinary delights. In our store you will find a huge selection of crockery in all colors, from 1.5-liter ladles to 5-liter pots and kettles! You can order a complete set of 3 pots of different sizes or choose each pot separately! Such dishes will absolutely be a wonderful and practical addition to the kitchen interior, and the food cooked in it will become even tastier!


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