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Russian Matryoshka Dolls in Canada

By Darya • 5/13/2021

Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Russian Matryoshka is a painted wooden doll with many similar ones inside. Traditional nesting dolls are usually depicted as a woman wearing a sundress and shawl, mostly in red and yellow colors. You can buy traditional nesting doll online at Russian Art Store.

It is believed that matryoshka dolls first appeared in Russia at the end of the 19th century. The prototype of the Russian matryoshka dolls is the Japanese nesting doll “Seven Gods of Happiness”. Today you can choose your favorite style of wooden doll at Russian Art Store here in Canada!

The doll was called Matryoshka, since in pre-revolutionary Russia the name Matrona was the most common among girls, and Matryoshka was affectionate.

The very first matryoshka was made eight-sized. She looked like a peasant woman in a sarafan – sundress - and an apron, with her head covered in a shawl with flowers and a black rooster in her hands. All the figures were depicted of different ages, some were even males and alternated between "woman-man", and the very last eighth doll was an image of a baby. We are proud to present the variety of nesting dolls at Russian Art Store from traditional dolls to customized nesting dolls!

For the manufacture of nesting dolls, wood is carefully selected and processed, it is mainly linden, less often alder or birch. To create one doll, more than ten operations take place, since the wood should not be dry, but not damp either. First, the smallest doll is processed and prepared, and only then master can start working on other sizes. Procurement of subsequent dolls is as follows: the wood is cut into top and bottom parts so that the smaller toy fits snugly in size. At the end of making the wooden base, the dolls are coated with oil varnish, and then dried and polished. And only after these procedures, the master can start painting dolls.

The painting can be unique, not like the others, the contours can be outlined in black or burned out, the artistic image can have flowers (flowers, natural patterns and phenomena) or fairy tales motives. Matroyshka is a popular gift among Russians. You can choose a nesting doll online and make a great present for yourself or loved ones.

There are a lot of differently painted nesting dolls made by Russian craftsmen! Buy matryoshka online and surprise your friends by ordering a traditional authentic matryoshka doll in Toronto! You do not have to go to Russia; we are the first store, who offers the best selections of nesting dolls in Canada and ship matryoshka to any city in Canada or USA. 


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