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Russian Samovars in Canada!

By Darya • 7/22/2021

Russian Samovars

The first samovars in Russia appeared in 1730 in the city of Tula, which would later become the “samovar capital”. The first samovars were fire-fired, that is, wood-fired. Electric samovars appeared much later. Both types of samovars - fire and electric with auto shutdown - you can find in our Russian Art Store.
The original purpose of samovars was to boil water for tea. Therefore, all of its parts were designed specifically for this task: a body where water was poured, an inner pipe-brazier for wood fuel, a grate at the bottom of the pipe, on which charcoal lies and through which ash spills, a lid that prevents water from boiling away , handles for transferring the samovar to the desired place, a neck with blower holes, a pallet with legs that allow samovar to stand steadily on the surface, a cover-cap, with which the combustion process is stopped. A chimney was also attached to the fire samovars, through which the smoke escaped. If you want to make tea using a real coal-based samovar, then you can buy it at our store for the best prices in Toronto!
Samovars were so fond that soon they were invented for different purposes: for brewing coffee, travel samovars, for cooking food, etc. They were made of copper in earlier periods, and then materials such as brass, alloys of silver and copper began to be used, as well as a "white metal" alloy consisting of copper and non-ferrous metals.
Samovars became widespread very quickly, thanks to the tea drinking tradition, which was arranged on a variety of occasions, such as Christmas, Birthday, Weddings, and family dinners and so on. Samovars were also more practical, because boiling a certain amount of water is easier than melting a stove and boiling a kettle several times. Another pleasant feature of samovars was the "softening" of water when boiled. This happened due to the purifying the water from slag’s, that settled on the inner surface of the case and on the bottom. When pouring water, all the dirt and salt remained at the bottom, without mixing with boiled water. Thus, even with tasteless, “hard” water, which was available to many people in wells, it was possible to make good quality tea.
Modern samovars are produced in the city of Tula at the factory, where, in addition to samovars for everyday life, there are also collection and gift sets. The teapot is traditionally made of porcelain with a bright painting, and trays were also made for each set of the samovar with teapot.
You can easily surprise your guests with an unusual table setting, as well as the taste and quality of the prepared tea with our authentic Russian samovars! You can buy painted samovars with auto shutdown online from any city in Canada or the USA. You will not find such a choice of great samovars in any store in Canada!


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