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Xmas decorations from Russia

By Darya • 11/17/2021

Xmas decorations

Christmas decorations - joy and feast for children and adults

For many of us, the magic of Christmas and New Year begins with decorating the New Year tree. At this stage, the house is filled with coziness and fun, when the whole family gets together and with love and joy hangs up, glass cones powdered with sparkling snow, colorful balls twinkling in the lights of animals - symbols of the coming year. We know how important it is to choose the right Christmas tree decorations and that is why there is a huge selection of the best New Year's toys and Christmas decorations in our store!

Few people know, but one of the birthplaces of the original Russian Christmas decorations is Nizhny Novgorod. The path of development of glass-blowing craft in the city is extremely thorny and rich in stories. Glassblowers not only put their soul into their products, but literally saved people's lives with their craft. In 1936, an industrial artel was founded in Novgorod, which specialized in the manufacture of glass decorations. During the difficult wartime, the craftsmen at this enterprise, along with the Christmas tree figures, were producing medical devices and utensils for laboratories.

New Year's toys from the Ariel factory in Nizhny Novgorod, who for more than 20 years have been a worthy followers of the traditions established in the distant 1936, have gained special fame and love all over the world, not forgetting to invest in them something new, fresh, and interesting. Some of their series became so famous that they became collectible. For example, the series "Winter Watercolors", which you can buy in our store!

The main products of the factory are glass decorations. The forms for them are invented by the masters, tthe characters are always thoughtful. The individuality and traditional Russian styled glass Xmas decorations are in demand for both children and adults.

The factories of Xmas decorations are well known in Russia and exports its products to Canada, America, and Europe. The arts that you can see on the toys are fantastic: a Russian village, famous Russian artists, European landscapes, heroes of fairy tales and much more. How are famous holiday decorations produced? They are dyed and painted by hand, and the customs of glass craft are carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation. The assortment is constantly updated with original patterns and shapes. A rich palette, bright ornaments, outlandish painting techniques - all these make the christmas tree toys unique works of art, bringing a sense of celebration and magic. It is noteworthy that the production workers are women. The chief artist is responsible for the design - he comes up with plots that will then be depicted on the products. Each artist is responsible for a certain piece: the work is completely manual; however, the images are almost identical to each other.

You can find  handmade and hand painted of Xmas balls, toys, and ornaments that will complement and embellish your collection of New Year's decor at our Russian Art Store, the brightness of the toys will capture everyone's attention! Order your Xmas decorations now to build your personal collection of unique toys for the New Year 2022!


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