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Faberge Eggs

By Darya • 11/15/2021

Eggs Faberge

The history of the creation of Faberge eggs is very fascinating and dates to the distant 1885, when Tsar Alexander III ruled Tsarist Russia. In order to please his wife with an exquisite gift for the holiday of Easter, the king commissioned one of the jewelers to make something unusual. This jeweler turned out to be Peter Carl Faberge, after whose name the famous jewelry would later be called. Faberge created a golden egg, covered with white enamel, and placed a "yolk" of matte gold inside. He did not stop there and introduced a golden chicken with ruby ​​eyes into the "yolk".The queen was delighted with such an unexpected and expensive gift, so that Faberge soon became a jeweler at the court of the Russian emperor. Now Faberge eggs have become collectible jewelry and people collect them around the world. You can find a large assortment of Faberge eggs, both ordinary decorative and musical ones at Russian Art Store.

For three decades, Faberge created unique designs of eggs and presented them to the royal family as a gift every Easter and other holidays. In total, the jeweler created about 50 pieces of precious eggs, 43 of which survived the chaos of the revolution and are now in a museum or in private collections. The cost of one such egg reaches $33 million.

Even though the jeweler drew sketches with his own hand, a huge number of craftsmen, of whom there were more than 500 people, embodied his ideas. Very often the tsars asked to add a "zest" to the products. That is why many of Faberge's eggs open like caskets, and inside are hidden small surprises in the form of watches, figurines, jewelry and much more. Our store contains many Faberge eggs, inside of which you will find additional decorative elements of the product!

It was after his creative approach to the request to fulfill the gift in Russia that the tradition of presenting colorful eggs every year for the holiday of Easter was born, which has survived to this day. Faberge eggs were a sign of wealth and high social status, because few could afford to purchase gold items inlaid with diamonds, pearls, and adamants. However, thanks to their widespread acceptance, Faberge eggs continue to be produced, but already have a different price category.

Russian Art Store, the only one store in Toronto where there are Faberge style eggs made in Russia, you can buy products at the most affordable prices. Moreover, here you can buy not only figurines of Faberge eggs, but also jewelry: earrings and pendants in the Faberge style, which also captured the hearts of many fashionistas around the world. And a pleasant bonus will be fast delivery of jewelry right to your doorstep!


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